About Us

Four Seasons Garden Art is a family owned small business. We have been in business for nearly 70 years, originally located off State St before moving to Northside Dr. and eventually Crystal Springs. The website here at Fourseasonsgardenart.net is designed to be for our local clientele and features prices and discounts valid to that local clientele. To order elsewhere, we will gladly service you at fountainoutlet.com.

As the business expanded and needed more space we decided to move to Crystal Springs to be a more centralized location since we do a lot of business in the Jackson metro area as well as the Hattiesburg, McComb and Brookhaven areas as well as our customers in New Orleans, Baton Rouge and along the gulf coast. The business now sits on over 5 acres with room to expand and we are a short drive from all of central Mississippi. We feature more than 300 fountains on display and running. The sound from all the fountains running as well as the countryside setting give a wonderful and pleasing experience to our customers.

Owned by Peggy Napoli, the business has grown to become one of the largest garden art dealers in the Southeast and destination for fountain buyers from all over the country. We've done large custom jobs that have been featured in magazines, television as well as home and garden tours. We have also done large commercial and lake fountains all over the southeast that have become landmarks. We've done consulting for massive projects from historic skyscrapers in major cities to consulting and sales for even the smallest back yards. We have built some great working relationship with some of the finest architects, landscapers, builders, designers, contractors and consultants in the Mississippi and beyond.

We have a great staff with people who are dedicated and truly enjoy what they do. We also enjoy working with our customers and feel very rewarded by our work.